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Next Up: Scott Nesbit

Our first guest speaker this semester will be Scott Nesbit. In preparation for his visit, please take a look at the site Visualizing Emancipation and familiarize yourself with what it does.

Nesbit is also featured in A Conversation with Digital Historians, a very helpful interview published in the journal Southern Spaces. The interview covers topics ranging from the technical challenges of digital history work to the professional possibilities it has opened up. Check it out!


Slideshow from Day One → Press “A” to see all slides at once, then scroll.

A Digital History Dissertation is Born

Stanford doctoral student Cameron Blevins has a new blog post about his dissertation on the geography of the U.S. Post Office in the nineteenth century. It’s a great thing to read as we begin this masterclass, because it showcases:

  • How a graduate student in history defines a research question
  • How digital methods can help answer that research question
  • How practicing digital history may lead one to collaboration and broader commitments about the sharing of research

Check it out and see what you think!