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Final Debriefing

Thanks to everyone who made this year so interesting and fun, and especially to you students, who turned out for the events and contributed such great questions and insights. Since our last debriefing post, we’ve had two events attended by some or all of you: the Digitization in the Humanities workshop and Sharon Leon’s workshop and talk. For this final debriefing post of the semester, please post a comment reflecting either on these recent events or the year as a whole. What are the “takeaway” points that you will remember from the class?

Grad Student Roundtable on Digital Humanities

Last night, Cameron Blevins, Jeri Wieringa, and Annie Swafford (left to right in the video above) joined us for a fantastic Google Hangout about their experiences as grad students in the digital humanities and digital history. Please post your reactions and follow-up comments here!

Some of the links mentioned:

Debriefing: Houston and Audenaert

This post gives you a chance to share your thoughts about Friday evening’s presentation by Natalie Houston and Neal Audenaert.

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Paper Machines Debriefing

I hope you enjoyed playing around with Paper Machines in our workshop with Jo Guldi. As promised, here’s a brief summary of how I constructed the corpus we used for our visualizations. I’ll follow that with some of the visualizations you made, and invite you to comment on what you see that’s of interest.

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Thanks to everyone for the good discussion last night at Chad Black’s lecture and workshop! This post contains some thoughts about both, with an invitation to you to share your own reactions.
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Thanks to everyone for a very good discussion at last night’s dinner and workshop with Scott Nesbit and Visualizing Emancipation. A lot of issues were raised, both about the project itself and about digital history generally. What surprised you or stood out to you about the night? What are your thoughts about the challenges and payoffs of work like this?

You can answer these questions or chime in with questions and thoughts of your own. The comment thread is yours.