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Defining Digital Scholarship

As mentioned in class and on the syllabus, we will be collaborating some this semester with a group of graduate students taught by Andrew Torget at UNT. This week, our collaborators have also been doing some thinking about what digital scholarship means. Check out what they have to say!

Academic Integrity Policies

As mentioned in the What to Expect section of the syllabus, this course encourages and will often require collaboration. Working with others is among the stuff digital humanists like. It’s also part of your "Team Participation" grade for this class.

Asking for help is central to the ethos of fields like programming and digital history, as evidenced by Q&A forums like Digital Humanities Questions and Answers and Stack Overflow. Spend very much time on these forums, and you’ll also learn that "Googling it" is one of the first things that digital humanists and programmers do when they get stuck.

Collaboration should not excuse violations of academic integrity, however, and such violations will still be reported to the Honor Council. You can collaborate in this course and still honor the Honor Code so long as you carefully follow these guidelines (some of which are borrowed or paraphrased from the list of course policies in Rice COMP 140. (Click “Continue reading” below to read the guidelines for this course.)

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