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Up Next: Chad Black

Our next speaker, Chad Black, will be here on November 1 to deliver a lecture entitled “Quito Jailed: Institutional Profiling in the 18th Century.” He will also be leading us through a workshop that evening on how to use some simple Python scripting to do some preliminary research using an archive Finding Aid. Cool!

In preparation for Professor Black’s visit, you may want to check out his book, The Limits of Gender Domination: Women, the Law, and Political Crisis in Quito, 1765-1830, or his website. If you’d like to learn a little bit more about Python, check out this introductory guide for historians.

UH Digital Humanities This Friday

The Digital Humanities Reading Group at the University of Houston is meeting this Friday, October 5, to discuss the following articles:

  • Johanna Drucker, “Humanistic Theory and Digital Scholarship” in Debates in the Digital Humanities; [please note this essay is not available online]
  • Tom Scheinfeldt, “Sunset for Ideology, Sunrise for Methodology” in Debates; also available online
  • Gary Hall, “There are no digital humanities” in Debates and online

I am planning to attend, and if anyone is interested in going, I’d be happy to car pool. Just let me know.


As part of the other masterclass offered by the Humanities Research Center, the English Department will be offering a workshop on applying to grad school, with a focus on “Preparing CVs, Personal Statements, and Writing Samples.” The advice will probably … Continue reading

Next Up: Scott Nesbit

Our first guest speaker this semester will be Scott Nesbit. In preparation for his visit, please take a look at the site Visualizing Emancipation and familiarize yourself with what it does.

Nesbit is also featured in A Conversation with Digital Historians, a very helpful interview published in the journal Southern Spaces. The interview covers topics ranging from the technical challenges of digital history work to the professional possibilities it has opened up. Check it out!

Short Courses at Fondren

A couple of you expressed interest last week in the “short courses” offered at Fondren Library on using digital tools. You can find more information about upcoming Digital Media Center courses and GIS Short Courses on the library’s webpage. If you attend one of these courses, let us know how it went in the comments?

Welcome to Digital History

This is the homepage for the Humanities Research Center masterclass in Digital History, which will be offered in AY2012-2013. You can click away for more general information about the masterclasses, or have a look around this site for specific information about HURC 402/603.