Using Twitter Lists

As I mentioned in class yesterday, I’ve created a Twitter list for this course so that you can easily find your classmates (and me!) on Twitter.

Unfortunately, I also misinformed you about the way that Twitter lists work. You can subscribe to a list, but doing so will not make tweets from this list show up in your timeline. Instead, to see the lists you’ve subscribed to, you have to click on “Lists” from your timeline page when you log in to Twitter, as explained in this how-to gallery. Following someone directly is the only way to ensure that their lists show up in your Timeline.

Many people actually view this as a feature of lists, since it means that you can sort of “follow” many more people than you actually see in your timeline. For example, here are some other lists curated by digital humanities and digital history people. Try subscribing to some and check in on the list from time to time this semester; you may find conversations happening that touch on our readings or projects in class!

And remember, unless you click through to the RiceDH list, you won’t see tweets of class members on your timeline (unless, of course, you choose to follow them directly).

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