Twitter Tips

Your first homework assignment requires you to create and use a Twitter account. If you’re just getting started with Twitter, that could be confusing! Here are some links that should help:

The most important things to notice when you log in to Twitter are the “Compose New Tweet” box (which is what you will use to write your tweet), the “Connect” link in the menu bar (which is how you can see tweets that mention you), and the “Search” box, which will allow you to find hashtags. You can also click here for the #ricedh hashtag.

My Twitter handle is @wcaleb, and by mentioning me in a tweet, you can “tweet” questions that I’ll be sure to see. (Note that you don’t have to “follow” someone or be “followed by” them to mention them in a tweet. Following just determines which people you will see in your “feed” when you log in to Twitter.)

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