Doing Digital History at Harvard

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  1. I believe that in the class so far, we haven’t really emphasized collaboration as part of doing digital history, so it’s interesting to see Rachel Leow declaring that collaboration is practically the definition of it. Talk about thorny problems ahead for professional evaluation, I guess. This is, really, the kind of point where I start to think that continuing to talk in terms of “digital history” as a useful category may not make sense. Rachel Leow is definitely terms of how digital technology can make it easier for scholars to communicate and hence to collaborate, but to me, there’s nothing about digital distribution of scholarship or digital tools to analyze sources that necessarily requires or causes collaboration. Greater abilities to communicate encourages scholars working together more closely, but that isn’t even really “digital history” so much as it is historians who happen to be working while people communicate digitally as a matter of course. Term is just too big for what it gets asked to mean.