Historian’s Toolbox: Zotero

This week’s speaker, Jo Guldi, will be talking to us partly about a new Zotero extension called Paper Machines that she helped to build. But what, you may ask, is Zotero?

Zotero is a bibliographic management program developed at Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media. It makes it easy to manage citations and keep notes together for a research project. As we’ll see later this week, however, it’s also much more. Because the code for Zotero is open source, end users and interested programmers can help extend its functionality, and Paper Machines is a case in point.

Aside from all that, it also just makes formatting bibliographies and citations dang easy (hint, hint to you honors thesis writers in the class!). If you haven’t been exposed to Zotero before, here a few posts that can help get you started:

The Digital Media Center at Rice also usually offers a workshop on Zotero at the beginning of each semester, and you can find a useful tutorial handout on their website.

See you Thursday!

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