Profile: Lisa Spiro

Lisa Spiro, the Director of NITLE Labs, has a long history of involvement in the digital humanities, and her career shows some of the unique career opportunities available through that involvement.

After receiving her B.A. in English and history here at Rice, Dr. Spiro received her Ph.D at the University of Virginia, where she worked some on the Valley of the Shadow Project mentioned on the first day of class. At Virginia, she began an interest in DH work (and particularly in text encoding) that continued after she became the director of the Digital Media Center here at Rice.

While here, Dr. Spiro started a widely-read blog on Digital Scholarship in the Humanities as well as a widely-used wiki on Digital Research Tools (DiRT). Those ventures led to speaking invitations and new opportunities for collaboration that eventually took Dr. Spiro to her new position at NITLE, where she is also overseeing the start-up of Anvil Academic, a digital publisher in the humanities.

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